• Full name and address of applicant
  • Specimen of mark
  • Specification of goods and/or services
  • Copy of the first application (for a convention priority, if necessary)


  • power of attorney is not required in a simple case
  • multi-class filing is allowed
  • using of trademark before filing is not required
  • trademark examination procedure lasts within 10-12 months
  • term of registration is 10 years renewable for every 10 years


  • Foreign legal entities or natural persons having their permanent residence outside the Russian Federation or their patent attorneys shell perform the formalities connected with the registration of trademarks through patent attorneys registered for the practice before the Russian Office.
  • The documents accompanying an application shall be filed in Russian language.
  • Priority of a trademark may be fixed as of the date of filing of the first application in a member country of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Properly, provided the application is filed with the Patent Office within six months.
  • The examination of an application shall be carried out by the Russian Office and shall include a preliminary examination and an examination of the sign.
  • Registration of a trademark shall be valid for ten years from the filing date of the application with the Russian Office.
  • An owner of a trademark shall inform the Russian Office of any changes in its name or address. The changes shall be entered in the Register and the Trademark Certificate.
  • Registration of a trademark may be terminated fully or in part following a decision of the Supreme Patent Board issued at the request of interested person on the grounds of nonuser of the trademark for three years in a row from the date of registration.

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